Automated Material Handling Solutions by ACT, LLC
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Automated Material Handling Solutions by ACT, LLC

Consumers across the United States expect to have their purchases delivered as quickly as possible. Overnight delivery is no longer a unique marketing tool. It is a consumer expectation that requires more efficient inventory management and automated material handling solutions throughout the supply chain.

The modern business environment allows no room for error. Any inefficiencies in your operational procedures could hurt your bottom line and strengthen your competitors. You must remain as efficient as possible with fewer resources than ever. Fortunately, our automated material handling systems can help you better control nearly every factor of your business.

At Automated Control Technologies, we provide complete integration of automated material handling systems. Our integration capabilities extend from facility design to system engineering and controls engineering. We have extensive experience with the latest technology in conveyor systems and automated handling equipment and will help you develop a cohesive and functional system that takes your business to the next level.

Does improving the profitability and performance of your business sound appealing? If so, then please feel free to send us a message. As an industry leader in providing automated material handling system integration, our core members have each worked in the industry for a minimum of ten years. We are deeply committed to the success of your project and will help you create a more efficient, smarter production line. Contact us today to streamline your material delivery processing and utilize your space more effectively.

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Automated Material Handling Equipment

Automated Control Technologies offers industry expertise to help increase the safety, efficiency and productivity of your automation investment. Our systems integrators and automated material handling equipment will help your business meet the ever-changing needs of consumers and provide solutions to your material handling needs. Here is a comprehensive list of the automated material handling equipment we provide our customers.

Distribution Center Conveyor Systems

Because of the continued growth of e-commerce sales, businesses are under immense pressure to improve the overall efficiency of their distribution centers.  At Automated Control Technologies, our distribution center conveyor systems help businesses maximize order fulfillment, reduce labor costs and improve their return on investment (ROI). Our expert team will help you meet your tight manufacturing and production deadlines with ease.

Material Handling Conveyor Systems

Material handling conveyor systems transport products through a facility or production process. They improve the efficiency and enhance the accuracy of automation, resulting in increased production capacity and improved cost-efficiency. At Automated Control Technologies, we have the required experience and resources to design and manufacture a material handling conveyor system that meets your specific workflow needs.

Light Duty Belted Conveyor

Our light duty belted conveyors are available for your various material handling needs in a broad range of industries, including food handling, package handling, paper products, electronic parts, metal parts, textile industry and general industry. We offer a variety of covered compounds and surface textures to meet your specific conveying needs. Contact us today for help resolving your most troublesome conveying problems.

Automated Warehouse Conveyor Systems

Automated warehouse conveyor systems from Automated Control Technologies are highly efficient and help businesses maximize efficiency in all warehouse operations. If your current conveyor systems are prone to breakage, then you should consider switching to one of our coveted warehouse conveyor solutions. By moving to an automated warehouse conveyor system, you can expect to improve your material handling and associated costs, reduce downtime and drive increased revenue.

Sorting Conveyor Systems

Sorting conveyor systems are material handling technologies designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of shipping and manufacturing operations. Mailrooms and package delivery services use sorting conveyor systems to separate items into different destination lanes based on specific criteria. This helps them increase their productivity and improve their distribution efforts.

Package Conveyor Systems

Package companies all have their own unique processing requirements. At Automated Control Technologies, our package conveyor systems can meet just about any type of packaging automation need, including stacking or sorting packages, marking packages and placing products into packages. We have the capability to implement a variety of software components, including barcode or symbol readers and vision systems used for the identification, sizing, labeling and tracking of packages.

Custom Conveyor Systems

Our custom conveyor systems help businesses fix their manufacturing, assembly, packaging and material handling problems. We have experience and expertise in some of the most challenging applications and industries, so please contact us if you are looking for new and improved automated material handling solutions. Our custom-designed conveyor systems will help you speed up your production line and get products to customers more efficiently.

Food Conveyor Systems

Minimizing waste and product damage is a major challenge for companies in the food production industry. However, you also have to make sure that you are maximizing sanitization when processing food. Accomplishing both of these tasks at the same time is a difficult feat. Fortunately, the food conveyor systems at Automated Control Technologies help you accomplish these important tasks, all while saving crucial production time with easy-to-clean parts.

Airport Baggage Conveyor Systems

Airports around the world rely on airport baggage conveyor systems to help them improve their baggage handling efficiency and level of service towards airlines and passengers. At Automated Control Technologies, we offer integrated system solutions for airport baggage handling. You can rely on us to make sure each bag is safely delivered to the right destination.

Advantages of Our Automated Material Handling Systems

Automated materials handling (AMH) refers to any automation that transports materials from one place to another in the manufacturing area. The goal is to improve production rates by reducing or eliminating the need for human interaction with carriers, transport systems or material. The automated material handling systems at Automated Control Technologies provide the following advantages.
  • Faster cycle times
  • Easier to track and locate materials
  • More efficient use of labor
  • Reduce unnecessary contamination
  • Increased compliance with regulatory standards
Are you considering investing in an automated material handling system for your business? Or are you looking for a custom automation solution that integrates your current system with new and efficient material handling processes? If you answered yes to either question, then contact our team today to learn more about the automated material handling equipment and solutions we provide our customers. With a fully-integrated material handling system, you can ensure your equipment works together as a unified system to help improve your customer service, shorten delivery times and reduce overall handling costs in manufacturing, distribution and transportation.

Delivering Automated Material Handling Solutions Nationwide

At Automated Control Technologies, our mission is to earn the trust of our customers by delivering unparalleled material handling solutions that suit their business needs and live up to our professional standards. The quality, reliability and flexibility of our automated material handling equipment will help your business adapt to future trends and meet the needs of the present moment. We will help you design and implement the equipment and software you need to process, store and ship your products throughout your facility. Contact us today at 480-317-0376 to learn more about the importance of an integrated material handling system. We look forward to answering your questions during an initial consultation and helping you standardize and streamline your business processes.

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