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Automated Material Handling Systems

Automation is no longer a trend that could affect the world economy in the distant future. Businesses in the United States and the rest of the world have rapidly moved toward automation to improve the efficiency and speed of their business operations. As a business owner or warehouse manager, it is important to find ways to gain efficiencies, cut costs and scale your business operations to succeed in the global marketplace.

At Automated Control Technologies, our automated material handling systems, conveyors, sorters and software will help you transform your supply chain and meet or exceed consumer expectations worldwide. Our material handling systems experts will give you the tools you need to optimize your distribution or manufacturing operation and maximize the customer service experience.

As a material handling systems integrator, our supply control systems, engineering solutions and software solutions will help you integrate any new or existing equipment into an overall system solution. Our value of expertise, application review and local support help us provide solutions for the majority of material handling needs.

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with a reliable and trustworthy partner in the material handling systems and warehouse operation industry. We have decades of combined experience as a true systems integrator and will take your complicated material handling project and help you manage the entire undertaking for a more efficient operation.

Top Benefits of Automated Material Handling Systems

Our automation technologies give businesses the tools they need to become more proactive rather than reactive. As a premier systems integrator, we can design and implement material handling systems and integrate all facets of the system to help you optimize and strategically organize your operations. The top benefits of our automated material handling systems include the following.
  • Reducing business operation costs
  • Automating manual processes
  • Improving your customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Maximizing warehouse space utilization
  • Increasing workplace efficiency and productivity
  • Streamlining equipment management and maintenance
Businesses in nearly every industry can benefit from automated material handling (AMH). The products and system integration technology we provide at Automated Control Technologies can bring new levels of productivity, safety and profitability to these important vertical markets. Contact us today if you are looking to improve your industrial operations and achieve material handling success. With our help, you can overcome your most complex material handling challenges and have the resources you need to scale your business appropriately.

Automated Material Handling Products

Automated Control Technologies offers a range of automated equipment and systems designed to improve the supply chain and support business logistics. Our automated material handling products and systems are put into place to improve customer service, reduce inventory levels, shorten lead times and lower manufacturing, distribution and transportation costs. The products we offer our customers include the following.

Automated Conveyor Systems

To compete and thrive in the global marketplace, it is essential for businesses to modernize their domestic production facilities. To accomplish this goal, facility managers should consider automating key processes and adopting smarter conveyor technologies. Automated Control Technologies provides automated conveyor systems to help businesses across many different industries cut costs and improve productivity levels. Our automated equipment can help your business lower the risk of human error and reduce the number of workplace injuries.
While it is impossible to eliminate risk entirely, the automation of conveyor systems can improve the safety of your business operations and help you fulfill your customer’s orders with accuracy and on-time delivery. Our custom automation team will install an automated conveyor system that offers unique solutions and fits the needs of your operation. Our engineers look forward to meeting with you and helping you integrate your automated conveyor system into a comprehensive material handling program.

Sorting Conveyor Systems

Many businesses face challenges when moving products to various locations of their facility. It often requires the help of employees, forklifts and warehouse equipment to make this happen. To improve operational efficiency, it is important to limit the number of employees directly touching the product. The sorting conveyor systems at Automated Control Technologies can move single products, sort those products and convey entire pallets of goods from one area of your facility to another.
Whether you are integrating a sorting conveyor system into existing material handling operations or are undergoing a complete overhaul, we will help you find quality solutions that address your current operational needs. Our sorting conveyor systems and sortation software are important components of our automated material handling systems. We offer the widest range of sortation options in the industry, so please do not hesitate to contact us online or over the phone.

Custom Conveyor Systems

Without quality material handling solutions, it is difficult to increase your production numbers, offer short delivery times and provide exceptional after-sales support. Our custom conveyor systems will enhance your productivity and efficiency and help you compete with manufacturers and distributors around the world.
Whether you are a large or small business, our custom conveyor solutions will enable you to meet constantly changing market demands and fulfill your short and long-term goals. We will design a custom conveyor system that is unique to your business and easily modifiable to match the scope of your future endeavors. To learn more about our durably designed custom conveyor systems, schedule an initial consultation with our professional automation experts.

Parcel Sortation Systems

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, domestic and international online business has reached record levels. Courier and parcel delivery services will likely face challenges because of the rising volume of packages and struggle to meet their scheduled delivery times. To ensure packages reach their recipients as quickly and efficiently as possible, sorting distribution centers need to optimize and automate their processes. At Automated Control Technologies, our parcel sortation systems and parcel management software offer fully automated processing from incoming goods to dispatch. Our unique sorting technology can sort round or unusually shaped packages and is fully customizable to meet your sorting needs and workplace conditions.

Warehouse Management Software

Our warehouse management software helps managers perform warehouse operations at a faster and more efficient pace. Whether standalone or integrated into a supply chain solution, our warehouse management systems software will improve the inventory, shipping, sorting and storing capabilities of your warehouse operations. This will result in improved shipping times, easier inventory tracking, and better organizational and planning proficiency. To learn more about the benefits of our warehouse management software, get in touch with us and book an appointment with our warehouse software management system experts. We offer the best warehouse management software in the industry and can outline specific strategies to solve your toughest operational challenges.

Discover the Power of Our Automated Material Handling Systems

Automated Control Technologies enjoys taking the time to learn about our customers and their business operations. We strive to provide our customers and their companies with world-class automated material handling systems, conveyors, sorters and software that help improve their workflow and revolutionize the way they do business. Contact our material handling systems integrator experts today at 480-317-0376 to determine the most appropriate integrated solutions for your business. We look forward to taking our vast knowledge of automated material handling and helping you achieve leaner operations and improve your position in the marketplace.

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