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MotionRoll™ Automated Conveyor Systems for Parcels, Parts & More

MotionRoll Conveyor

MotionRoll™ is a complete product line of conveyor modules that handle trays, totes, small packages and parcels. MotionRoll provides zero pressure accumulation and transport capability throughout an entire integrated system. MotionRoll™ is designed using fully assembled and prewired modules that shorten the installation duration and lower the total costs of a systems initial investment and total operating costs.

Design Features:
  • Superior robust design and reliability
  • Proven with hundreds of installations across North America
  • PLC and/or PC controlled
  • Allen-Bradley Zone I/O card 24VAC
  • Ethernet architecture
  • Floor mounted or ceiling hung capabilities
Conveyor Modules
  • MotionRoll Accumulation and Transport Conveyor
  • MotionRoll Merge Module
  • MotionRoll Divert Module
  • MotionRoll Right Angle Divert
  • MotionRoll Tower Inclines
  • MotionRoll Tower Declines
  • MotionRoll Incline Belt
  • MotionRoll Decline Belt
  • MotionRoll Lift Gate Conveyor (both single lift gate and drawbridge style)


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