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Automated Control Technologies, LLC

Automated Control Technologies, LLC is a Performance Driven Company. Our profitability does not dictate this performance, nor do we cut corners when our margins appear to be shrinking. We let our performance drive sales and profitability.

Automated Control Technologies is not the largest company by any stretch but our employees all have experience in performing their responsibilities which allows us to out perform many larger companies. Our core members each have a minimum 10 years of experience.

100% of our company focus is performing on our projects and services. Regardless of whether we are the Prime Contractor, a Subcontractor or just offering one of our services we are always committed to our performance and the projects success.



Electrical Engineering:

Automated Control Technologies provides full service Electrical Controls Engineering and Engineering services for our material handling projects and as an outsource service to our customers. ACT is the industry leader in automated control systems with a “Customer-First” approach. We have a proven track record of creating and delivering state-of-the-art automation and control systems for our clients across the United States.

Our electrical engineers specialize in electrical design from single line diagrams to complete electrical systems design. We know automation and system integration, and have deep understanding and experience in designing automated controls for a variety of applications. We seek out and retain the best, most insightful engineers in our field. Many of our engineers have more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest automation and industry advances, and proactively builds upon our skillset each year as new and exciting advances in technology and programming become available.

Mechanical Engineering:

Automated Control Technologies provides full service Mechanical Design Engineering services for our material handling projects and as an outsource service to our customers. With a thorough understanding of engineering methods, coupled with years of experience, ACT provides complete mechanical engineering services customized to meet all project and customer goals. Through a broad range of experience with standard and cutting-edge manufacturing processes, we can aid you in selecting the best means to satisfy your mechanical engineering requirements.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Engineering:

Automated Control Technologies offers a wide variety of computer aided design (CAD) in mechanical and electrical engineering services including design, CAD modeling, facilities layout, and system integration. Our experienced CAD engineers provide high quality CAD drafting services with the greatest accuracy. We have long-standing experienced CAD engineers aiding design engineers, manufacturers, contractors, and facilities in expediting engineering lead time by delivering the most comprehensive engineering design solutions.


Electrical Control Panels and Mechanical FabricationControls Fabrication:

Automated Control Technologies provides a full panel shop in house for our projects and as an outsource shop to our customers. Additionally, we can provide mechanical fabrication services through our strategic partners. Our dedicated team is comprised of skilled engineers and technicians who tend to all of your speci?c control panel needs. We source, procure, and integrate a diversity of the latest technology and components including Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley), IDEC, and Phoenix Contact. We enforce quality, insuring that your control panels are always assembled with accuracy, precision, and e?ciency and in according to all UL508 requirements.

Mechanical Fabrication:

Automated Control Technologies provides state-of-the art Mechanical Fabrication of conveyor and equipment assemblies. Our engineering team uses powerful computer aided tools, in conjunction with experienced fabricators, machinists, and assemblers, to meet all of your needs. Our fabrication group work closely with our engineers to ensure there are no communication issues from design to assembly, and they are available to adjust and improve tooling, as needed by our customers. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality fabrication at the most competitive price possible.

Project Management

Project planning, Schedules and Execution

Automated Control Technologies provides complete full-service professional Project Management for our projects and as an outsource service to our customers. We are dedicated to providing optimized solutions that meet team objectives and timelines and provide long-term value for the customer. Each project involves continuous interactive communication and documentation throughout the project. We thoroughly document each phase of the project utilizing the latest management software such as Microsoft Project and Microsoft Suite. We take the time to answer questions and we work closely with the entire team to ensure the selected design is the right one for the project.

ACT Project Management and Engineering services are performed under stringent quality control measures and will ensure complete satisfaction on every project. From concept design, schematic design, design development, project documentation, installation, start up, testing, and commissioning. Throughout each phase of every project we partner with contractors and building facilities, integrating our system designs into the vision of the entire team and the needs of the customer.


Electrical Installation

Automated Control Technologies provides Electrical Installation services through our strategic partners. ACT has licensed, skilled, and professional electricians and technicians for all project installation locations. All of our electricians and technicians have years of on-the-job experience and are industry certified and committed to keeping up with the latest advances in the field. Our electricians and technicians work closely with our Engineering team and are committed to a quality installation with an on-time completion.

Mechanical Installation

Automated Control Technologies provides Mechanical Installation services through our strategic partners. ACT procures skilled and professional Mechanical Installation Millwrights and Technicians on all of our projects. Our installation team members have years of industrial experience and are committed to upholding safety, dependability, and system performance, as well as, the highest industrial standards. The ACT installers work closely with our Project Manager and Engineering team and are committed to a quality installation with an on-time completion.

Custom Software

PLC and PC Based SoftwareAutomated Control Technologies provides custom PLC and PC software designs for virtually any material handling system and equipment. Our staff is well versed in numerous PLC brands, including all Rockwell Automation PLC’s and develops software for PC based systems. Using Rockwell Factory Talk, ACT implement an easy-to-use operational interface for non-technical users. Additionally, ACT has a proven software suite of products for controlling and managing sortation and package tracking, tray management, warehouse management, graphics, and reporting.

Our featured software includes:
  • MotionTrac™ Sortation
  • MotionTrac™ Tray Management Systems
  • MotionTrac™ Warehouse Management


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