MotionRoll™ Conveyor is an automated material handling product specializing in the management and delivery of goods. The primary purpose of MotionRoll™ Conveyor is to streamline the process by which material moves from one piece of equipment or staging area to another incorporating a Zero Pressure accumulation process. The intent is to eliminate the labor intensive process of moving goods through the various stages of production. MotionRoll™ is designed using fully assembled and prewired modules that shorten the installation duration and lower the total costs of a system.

Standard Horizontal Straight Section

The standard building block for material transport. Available in one to four zones, a standard zone is 2’6” long and contains one motor and one sensor.


  • Allen-Bradley retro-reflective zone photo eyes.
  • Allen-Bradley Zone I/O card.
  • DeviceNet architecture.
  • Phoenix Contact cables and breakout block.
  • Hand Feed or interlock to existing equipment.
  • Off the shelf components allow for short lead time, easily replaceable parts.

Divert Single Section

The Divert single section is used for sorting materials. Available in right hand and left hand configuration.


  • Jam/Out of Position indicator light.
  • Robust design for extended duty cycle.
  • Field mount error reset and manual cycle with AB pushbutton.
  • Allen-Bradley Zone I/O card.
  • DeviceNet architecture.
  • Phoenix contact cables and breakout block.