Material Handling Management Software

The MotionTrac™ Material Handling Management software suite can manage high speed tracking, routing, and real-time flow of product throughout a facility. This fully scalable software package can control one or more sorters and conveyor lines. The software can also interface with cameras, laser scanners, remote I/O, and RFID. The built in reporting tool is extremely powerful allowing the operator to control the format and search parameters of the configurable reporting options. Presently, two versions of this software are available, MotionTrac™ and MotionTrac™ Lite and both integrate seamlessly with numerous HMI packages. Common applications for this software have been large tray conveyor systems such as MotionRoll™, Low Cost Tray Sorters (LCTS), Low Cost Universal Sorters (LCUS), Large and Small Tilt-Tray Sorters, Universal Sack Sorters, Newspaper Bundle Distribution sorters and Medical Supply Systems. This totals well over 250 installation applications to date. MotionTrac™ is also a direct sorting software replacement for any type or brand legacy sorter.