Strategic Partners

Skarlupka Manufacturing Inc.

Skarlupka Manufacturing Inc. (SMI) is located in White Lake, Wisconsin and operates in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility consisting of 130,000 square feet of manufacturing and assembly areas including lasers and a powder coat system. SMI is experienced in manufacturing ACT products such as Loose Mail Systems, MotionRoll™ Tray Conveyor modules, MotionSort™ Tray and Universal Sorters along with Bulk Conveyor and Parcel Conveyor products.

The Siebold Company Inc.

The Siebold Company Inc. (TSC) is located in Coral Springs, Florida and is one of the premiere systems installers providing complete mechanical and electrical installations of ACT's material handling systems and equipment along with installing systems and equipment for others

Interface Electric Inc.

Interface Electric Inc. is located in Mesa, Arizona and has a reputation for providing efficient, solid, reliable electrical contract work to government and industry.

GSM Material Handling, Inc.

GSM Material Handling, Inc (GSM) is located in Kingman, Arizona and is a provider of installation and demolition services for material handling and process control equipment.